Emirati Designer for Menswear Paris Fashion Week : Khalid Al Qasimi

24 Jan

A new interesting entrant to the Mesnwear Fashion Week was the young Emirati designer named Khalid Al Qasimi.

For his Autumn/Winter line, he inked the faces of the models with sexy head gears.

Black was the color of the line this season, with a mix of deep hues of purple,  loads of leather, fur ,wools and bling.

I particularly found the biker jackets, the waist belts and the long leather boots quiet interesting.

Qasimi has definitely impressed the crowds out there.


Check out the pictures from the show below .


 QasimiHomme2QasimiHomme5QasimiHomme9QasimiHomme12QasimiHomme14QasimiHomme16QasimiHomme19QasimiHomme21QasimiHomme25QasimiHomme29QasimiHomme37QasimiHomme29 (1)QasimiHomme40QasimiHomme38QasimiHomme42QasimiHomme44QasimiHomme48



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