Vintage & Retro Find :

23 Jan


After watching numerous amounts of fashion shows for Spring/Summer 2011 last year, we have proudly declared Vintage as the trend of the season. And trust me ladies this is surely going to stay here for long. The best part about vintage is that you can raid your mama’s closet and find at least five items that you can incorporate in your modern day outfits.

And if you don’t find anything , what better than online Shopping?

I recently came across an amazing find named Modcloth. It caters to your Vintage and Retro needs for the new season without being harsh on your pockets.

Whenever I log on to their website, I go crazy choosing my favorite outfits from the vast variety of items they offer especially the dresses and of course the retro tops, vintage shorts, and to die for shoes.

I selected a few pieces to show you what the real deal is.

Vintage, Chic, and affordable sounds like a good combination to me.

What do you guys think?

You can check out their website here for more details

Enjoy Shopping!




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