19 Jan


Want to shop online but worried about the right FIT?

Well, we have some good news for you ladies. Now you can shop at your favorite online store without worrying about how it will actually fit you when it arrives.

New player in the market named has designed a virtual fitting-room for ecommerce sites using shape-shifting robots to model clothes in different sizes.

The intelligent co-founders Heikki Haldre and Paul Pällin have eight robot mannequins that morph into a variety of body shapes, to ensure you know just how a garment will fit.

"Our algorithm takes four minutes to work out each shape," Haldre told Wired magazine. "Until recently, we had 500 computers taking a week to calculate one body-shape. It would have taken us 130 years. Fashion might have moved on by then."

The robot is already tried and tested by menswear sites such as

I tried the website and this is what it looks like .


A body will be shown on the right hand side where you see the measuring tape.

You get an option to change the body according to your height, neck, chest, torso etc . The final product comes out as your exact size.

I cannot wait for some of the major luxury retailers around the world to start following the virtual fitting room.

If you wish to have some fun, go here and click on the VIRTUAL FITTING ROOM.



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