Sunglasses By Thierry Lasry

17 Jan

Check out my flirty, sexy and seriously Hot find by Thierry Lasry.

Lasry has been creating successful range of sunglasses since 2006. He has become immensely popular in recent times with his  classy, authentic and antique designs.

Following the trend of 2011, his new range is clearly inspired by the 70’s era giving us a to-die-for vintage collection.

Interestingly, each sunglasses are given style names like Obsessy, Spicy, Sexxxy,Hooky, and Lively, each ending with a y, to match with his last name.

Now, that’s what I call seriously obsessive – LOL

Check out the collection below and enjoy.

You can Shop all Thierry Lasry collection online  HERE.

Obsessy Sunglasses in BROWN/PINK/GREEN

Obsessy Sunglasses in BLUE/GREEN

Obsessy Sunglasses in BLACK TORTOISE

Sexxxy Sunglasses in BLACK/GOLD

Sexxxy Sunglasses in TRANSPARENT RED

Sexxxy Sunglasses in TORTOISE/GOLD


Hooky Sunglasses in DARK TORTOISE

Hooky Sunglasses in TORTOISE



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