Kim, Kourtney, And Khloe Set To Launch Kardashian Kollection At Sears

12 Jan

kardashian-kollection (1)

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian are all set to launch their new own collection for sears which will be named Kardashian Kollection

The designs will be available in 400 Sears stores from August 2011 onwards. The line will feature around 40 clothing pieces, 20 lingerie styles, 60 pieces of jewelry, 30 bags, 25 hats and gloves, and 12 pairs of shoes.

Kloe commented "Not only do they [Sears] have locations nationwide, but we recognize that Sears will allow us to reach multigenerations of fans and people who are interested in fabulous clothing at affordable prices."

To which Kourtney adds, "We love Sears. There is a Sears right near our house." Praise Mapquest! (WWD).


I know some of us may think it to be an extremely lame and annoying. But, personally I think this is the first time they are cashing in own their celebrity status for something which will be available for the masses. People love wearing celebrity stuff. But not everyone is blessed with the bank accounts of stepping onto the SOHO streets everyday.

This will give them a chance to reach a much wider range of audience compared to their boutique stores which caters to a small amount of the crowd.



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