Fashion Horoscope at Telegraph Online

11 Jan

I have never believed in astrology ever in my life. My parents are huge fan of numbers, and probably that’s the reason I hate it. They say too much exposure is not good exposure.

Talking about astrology, I came across this website giving out astrology advice for fashion lovers on Horoscope Fashion at the Telegraph Online.

Now, that’s something I could really dwell into.

You can check out the website here.


Check out my fashion horoscope….Cancer

Cancerians have a dreamy streak, which means they can never resist a bit of costume drama. For spring the off-duty ballerina look so prevalent (do see the new film Black Swan) will work perfectly. Try a leotard top (in the style of Liv Tyler) teamed with a froth of pleats and ballet pumps – as seen at the Chloé show. Or else mine that rich seam of Cancerian nostalgia and opt for a tea dress in an old-rose pattern, topped with a cropped cardigan. Heavy white lace also suits the mood. Accessories stay simple – a clip purse or an open-weave bag reference the 1970s without being too strong.

Do you guys believe in daily horoscopes?

let me know if you liked this one



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