Trend To Follow This Year 2011

8 Jan

I know my readers may be thinking it is a little late to talk about 2011 trends, but i think the starting of the year makes much more sense to start reading, remembering and wearing the new trends of the year.

So my fashionistas, lets have a look at whats HOT this season!


There were days when I used to look down upon my mothers old floral prints, thinking how in the world can someone wear this?

After watching numerous fashions shows and designer collections around the world, my mind has been thoroughly manipulated to announce floral as the print of the season.Not only does floral make you feel happy, it also makes you stand out with a statement.

Wear it in any form, be it cute 70’s inspired dresses, flowy floral skirts, or floral sheers.




Bold and Bright colors have definitely been the trend of the season. We got to see a lot of honeysuckle, deep purples, blues and bright pinks sashaying down the runway. If you are not sure how to rock bright colors, you can start with your accessories first with either a bright top or bright shoes until you are pretty confident on what you want.




Just when I thought that the dots were done for the decade, I was surprised to see its emergence during the top fashion collections of the SS 2011 season. Polka has always been my favorite. While I have spotted the fashion models sashaying polka from top to bottom, I am not too sure if that really works in real life. A polka sheer blouse, a cute summery dress or a scarf would do the trick for me. But again, it also depends on how you carry it. If you wish to hide your beauty/body flaws, make sure you choose to wear smaller dots as it helps in taking away the attention from your body.




Do you remember wearing wedges with your flary pants, skirts or almost anything you can imagine during the 80’s?

If yes, then you would be happy to realize that the platform trend is back again. We spotted ultra high heels in forms of wedges and platforms in 2011. Apart from being uber comfortable compared to your pencil heels, these super high heels also gives you an illusion of super long legs. Although it doesn’t take a lot of effort to rock this trend, make sure you practice your walk with those shoes before you do the actual purchase.





The more feminine style to look out for are pleated outfits. Be it in the form of classic pleated skirt, pleated jumpsuits, or pleated flowing long dresses, you can never go wrong with it.  If your not used to it, let me warn you, this trend is here to stay for long, so better start practicing. A white shirt and a pleated skirt should be good for starters.




ORANGE is going to rock the year. I recently saw Drew Barrymore spotting the color and oh boy you could tell the difference. You could see a breathe of fresh air around her with a totally fresh look. Be very careful with this trend different shades are meant for different types of skin tones. Dark skin and cool or fair skin both look great in punchy bright colors while olive and warm skin tones often look best in Earthy, burnt shades.





Seventies have definitely made a huge comeback with a bang. I feel quiet happy about this particular trend  because I know I can raid my mama’s closet and get my trend essentials without spending much. Be ready to see a lot for flary jeans, disco styles (Marc Jacobs) and bohemians (Peter Dundas for Pucci) this season.If this is not a trend that you have been working on for yourself , make sure it is well executed when you start. Take a friend along on your shopping trip to get that friendly advice.




We have been wearing sheer and laces for years in forms of inner wears, gloves or small garments. But this year is going to different. Sheers in forms of Black is going to be particularly popular among the young ladies. We know a classic black is never out of season. Pair it up with sheer and standout with a more discreet and sophisticated look.

The transparency and lightness of the fabrics in lace is definitely going to keep you fresh all summer long. You can spot it in on in forms of dresses, blouses, skirts, pants or scarves.

66_SheerBlack (1)

lace and sheer




Have a look at how you can look glamorously chic with tailored feminine suit, pant or skirt.

These flattering suits are perfect to bring out the curves and add much needed sex appeal to your office wardrobe. You can now wear the same suit both on your date as well as at the office with the added glamour appeal. Make sure your work outfit sits perfect on your body especially on the thighs and the hips to accentuate your most flattering parts.





5 Responses to “Trend To Follow This Year 2011”

  1. sagemag January 8, 2011 at 20:21 #

    I think Spring 2011 will be my all-time favorite season in trends! I’m so excited for the color blocking and florals. I LOVE color!


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