Jessica Szohr Goes NUDE

7 Jan


Jessica Szohr goes absolutely NUDE with scale paint for SoBe’s new Lifewater ad campaign.

Apparently the process of painting the whole body took about 11 hours to complete.

Guess, the girl knew there was no way she could reach the heights of Serena and Blair, so why not get nude to gain all the attention.

Looking at the pictures and that sizzling hot body, I am sure the strategy will work.

Szohr shot the racy campaign in the jungle and streets of Costa Rica. It will be seen in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition in February, 2011.

“Last year’s SoBe Lifewater skinsuit shoot took place on a gorgeous beach; this year’s skinsuit shoot in the jungle was still amazing, but a little different. It definitely had an edgy vibe that I loved,” Jessica said. “No matter where you are, it’s easy to be tempted and transformed with new SoBe Lifewater with electrolytes.”

Check out the pictures below.




Images huffington


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