Emmanuelle Alt The New Editor In Chief Vogue Paris

7 Jan

WWOOWW this is definitely a breaking news for the fashion industry.

After days of speculation, Vogue finally announced Emmanuelle Alt as the new Editor in Chief.

President of Conde Nast France, Xavier Romatet had announced it in a press conference on Friday.

I am not too sure if she will really be able to replace the former vogue queen Carine Roitfeld. The expectations are gonna be definitely high as Carine has set quiet a huge bar to accomplish.

Xavier Romatet stated “Emmanuelle has all of the professional and personal qualities needed to continue Vogue Paris the leading monthly fashion magazine. I give her full confidence to embody and lead this demanding brand and to let is live in all of its different dimensions-including digitally.”

From the 1st February, Emmanuelle Alt will take over, she stated, “It’s a great honor for me, but also a great pleasure to be at the head of Vogue Paris, which I know very well. Working with very talented teams, I will attach myself to developing the incredible potential of Vogue Paris.”
For now, she does seem to be the perfect match.
Lets wait and watch if she can really take over the new position. For now all we can do is wish her luck !

For more info on this topic check www.vogue.fr

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