Lounge with Luxury with LOUNGE LOVER

5 Jan

Cashmere sweater wrap comparison

Have you ever been embarrassed when you door suddenly opens and your spotted wearing either your skimpiest of lingerie or trashy jumpsuit?

If you answer is yes, then here I am with a comfortable solution for you which is called LOUNGE LOVER.

The London based label, mainly comprises of comfort clothes which can be worn while enjoying the beautiful sun by your pool, immediately after work, or for a at-home chill out day session.

It is not your usual shorts or PJ’s.

These is a modern Premium lounge wear which gives you a soft, feminine yet hip look without categorizing it as sleepwear.

I am loving Lounge Lover’s offers creatively unique cuts and super soft fabrics which could be worn for the summer  and  in the Winter, layered under your thick clothes.

You can Shop their collections online from netaporter.

For store information, check out their website here.

Check out the gorgeous collection below.



lounge-lover (2)78332_in_dl78331_in_dl78082_in_dl78360_in_l78362_in_l78352_in_l78361_in_l78350_in_l78359_in_l78353_in_l78338_in_l78323_in_l78336_in_l78327_in_l78324_in_l78328_in_l78322_in_l78337_in_llounge-lover-lounge-loverlounge-lover (1)loungedress2images



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