Sneak Peek: Rihanna’s Reb’l Fleur Fragrance

23 Dec


Here is yet another Diva with yet another perfume fragrance.

As an unwritten rule of being a celebrity, you got to have a perfume in your name to complete your Fame-dom.

Rihanna is the latest one to bite the dust. The oh so red haired diva is all set to debut her first fragrance in Spring 2011 called Reb’l Fleur. The scent is is a fruity chypre with notes of tuberose, violet, hibiscus, and coconut water.

Let me remind you, this title was tattooed on her neck last year with the inscription being “rebelle fleur”.

The funny part is that the name was suppose to be “Fleur Rebel” which in literal translation means flower rebel in French, but it was tattooed the other way round.

Well, not much can be done after you have stepped out 1000 times in front of the cameras flaunting it off and later realizing the wrong.

Speaking about the perfume, the black bottle looks totally tacky to me.It looks like a cheaper version of a fake “OUD”, mainly sold by the Arabs, seen in the local markets of Dubai.

From the looks of the bottle, I would think twice before buying it. Although I must admit I m loving Rihanna in that red hot lustrous hair and the silk gown.



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