REVOLVE Lashing Out On Its Own Model

22 Dec

Wow, for the first time in history, a fashion store lashes out on its own model. An online based fashion store named Revolve Clothing has apologized to its customers, taking into consideration their comments about showcasing their clothes on a super skinny model, the famed Allie Crandell.

The model looks like she hasn’t eaten a day in her life. As a customer, and despite of being a size 2, I will think twice before buying their clothes after looking at the super duper skinny model.

Here’s what they said

“Hi everyone,Thank you for your concern. We are absolutely aware of the feedback and responses to our model’s weight and it has concerned us as well. We are working closely with both the model and her agent to get her to a healthier size. She won’t be appearing in any of our new product batches or in any of our fashion editorial photos moving forward until the issue is adequately addressed. We appreciate and respect input from our customers and visitors and hope that you find our responses satisfying. We have been attempting to respect the privacy of the model in question while dealing with the issue on our end. We hope you understand. Sincerely,The REVOLVE TEAM”

Frankly speaking I am quiet impressed, firstly, by the way they showed concern and respect to the views of their customers and secondly,by replacing the models to more natural looking girls. WAY TO GO

Check out the pictures of the super skinny model below.


Here’s what they have replaced now




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