Jennifer Aniston in a New Avtaar

22 Dec

Jennifer Aniston has never failed to surprise us. And here she is again with yet another ultra glamorous and chic cover. With major luxury brands following the 60’s-70’s theme for 2011, Harper’s couldn’t stay far behind for too long.

The blonde actress will be seen portraying the character of the ’60s-era famed actress, Barbra Streisand for the subscriber’s cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

I am loving how amazingly different Jennifer looks for the first time. The cat eyes, deep bronze contouring of the cheeks, voluminous bob and the elongated eyebrows gives us a fresh new star. We definitely needed that breather from her straight golden locks and monotonous outfits.

Apparently, Barbra Streisand has also been her icon since the time she can remember. Therefore, sashaying the role of Streisand for the cover was like a dream come true for the sexy diva.

Check out the picture below to see the change.

P.S : Is it only me or does she really look like Elizabeth Hurley in the picture?


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