Get your BLING on with Baublebar

20 Dec


Don’t we all just love chunky jewelry? It can make your plain white shirt look oh so chic and transform a LBD into a perfect evening attire.

As much as I love shopping, I somehow never have enough time in my hand to complete a dress with a pair of matching shoes, belt , watch, bag and of course the jewelry. It is like I am constantly on a stop watch the moment I step into a mall.

So, that’s why I started shopping online to save time, money, and gas of course.While browsing online I came across this website named It is a new online store for fashion jewelry. And, the best part is the prices start as low as $ 20. Well, at least for me it was quiet exciting because I am not a kind of a person to spend on more on the jewelry than I spend on my shoes or a dress.

They have two main features, Trend and the Classic,which gives you a wide array of options to choose from.

The site is planning to expand in the new year with more products, a dedicated section to showcase the work of upcoming designers and a section for bridesmaid gifts.

Judging from the quality of the metal, gold & silver plate, pearls and stones used on those pieces, honestly these  items are an absolute steal.

Check it out for yourselves here

Don’t forget to check out my picks below

Enjoy shopping dolls


My picks from the Trend Collection




My picks from the Classic Collection





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