Wear your Louboutins & Monolos in rain with SHUELLA

19 Dec


How many times have you failed to look glamorous, not being able to wear your favorite pair of heels, fearing the rain may destroy it?

As the season transitions, the temperature has been constantly changing,and its almost never certain when you may have to brave the rains. 

ladies and ladies, I now have some good news for you. Put on your party dress and step out with those hot heels. You can now stylishly cover your heels with these newly discovered shoes which are especially designed for rain, named  SHUELLA. Rebecca Miller, the designer, hard gone through some serious rainy situations  herself which led her to conceive the "Shoe Umbrella".

It comes with a dust bag and a cloth to wipe of the off any excess water before you fold them up and put them back in their convenient pouch which can be easily fitted in your purse. These are also extremely easy to put on and strong enough to walk in with a slip free sole

SHUELLA comes in one attractive design with various sizes and can be worn over any size of heel. You can pick yourself a pair of hot pink(my personal favorite), apple green, buttercup yellow or the classic black.

For more details check out their website here

Scroll down for images.




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