Dauphines of New York!

17 Dec

I finally decided to blog about it after being numerously exposed to the stylish piece of art in magazines and by friends.

Dauphines of New York is a collection of adjustable headbands that serve twin purpose – which can be used as both as a headband and necklace.  The adjustable strap comfortably fits on anyone .

Since last year, headgears have become very popular, particularly with the age group of 15-30. What I like about their collection is that it doesn’t matter if you are 14 or 40, you can still manage to pull of this look, thanks to the quality of metal and stones used in the making. It gives you a unique and an effortlessly chic look especially when wore on the head.

I really like the idea of one accessory being able to serve two purposes.

Being new in the market, Dauphines of New York is already popular and has been featured on this month ELLE Magazine’s January 2011 Beauty “It List.

Prices retail from $70-$225, and materials utilized are of finest quality (natural Agate, Citrine, Turquoise and Amethyst stones, Swarovski crystals, weightless metal chains, minimalist mesh, classic pearls and tortoise toggle, woven leather and suede).

If you don’t live in New York, then log on to their website www.dauphinesofnewyork.com to shop online.

Check out the collections below.


Greek Goddess Bohemian           Rock Goddess Bohemain

greek goddess bohemianrock goddess bohemian

Regal Countess Blue                         The Directrice

regal countess blueThe_Directrice


“Wild One” hair chopsticks        Wrapped Suede’s Assorted colors

wild one hair chopsticks Wrapped_Suedes_Assorted_Colors





“Wild One” hair chopsticks featured in Elle

elle magazine


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