17 Dec


OMG. I cant believe this. This morning ,I sat down with my cup of tea, going through my twitter updates,  and all I could see was was “CARINE ROITFELD LEAVES VOGUE PARIS” flashing out of my screen.  My cup of tea still lies on the table half full. To me, it was almost inevitable to even imagine Carina ever stepping down from her position. She is like the “goddess”  of the fashion industry.

There was still so much more left to gain from her. She will be truly missed. Lets hope her departure doesn’t prove to be a huge setback to the fashion world.

After 10 glorious years spent as the editor in chief of Vogue Paris ,Carine Roitfeld decides to leave the magazine. And the worst part is, her departure will be effective in a few weeks.

Carine Roitfeld now wants to concentrate on her personal projects that has been lined up for quiet sometime.

Now the burning questions lies, who will replace her???

Check out the official statement given by French Vogue here

"After 10 last years with the drafting as a chief of Paris Vogue, Carine Roitfeld decides to leave the magazine. Her departure will be effective in a few weeks. Carine Roitfeld wishes to devote herself to personal projects which are dear to her heart. Under her influence, Vogue Paris became a world reference and a magazine impossible to circumvent. Carine Roitfeld knew to give to the magazine a new dimension, with a daring glance in collaboration with the largest photographers of the world. These 10 years resulted in a constant growth of the performances as well into diffusion as into publicity of Paris Vogue. “Carine marked the history of the Paris Vogue thanks to her incredible talent of designer and editor association. We will miss her” declares Jonathan Newhouse, President de Condé Nast International. “I regret the decision of Carine of course, even if I include/understand it. A page is turned and a new stage starts for this mark solid, powerful and sure of his values” declares Xavier Romatet, President de Condé Nast France."


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