Kate Moss in December’ 2010’ Vogue Italia

15 Dec

Kate Moss portrays the Character of the 60s Italian Bombshell for the December’s issue of Vogue Italia.

She is seen wearing some over the top sexy lingerie and clothing from Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, YSL, and Louis Vuitton.

The theme of the campaign was based on Sophia Loren’s character which was portrayed by Penelope Cruz in the movie Nine, and was shot by the fame photographer Nick Knight.

I feel after a really long time, I get to see some life in Moss’s pictures. I have seen her other over the top covers and shoots.

No doubt its shot by the best of the magazines, with the most famed photographers, but the pictures never made you feel ‘it’.

She no longer looks as if she has just snorted a fat line of cocaine and posed for the pictures just for the heck of it. Adoring the ‘clean’ images.

Wonder who is responsible for bringing that life in Kate back again, is it the sexy lingerie? the colors? or the fabulous work of Knight?

See it for yourself to believe what I say







kate-moss-vogue-italy-december-10 (1) kate-moss-vogue-italy-december-2010

VOGUE-Italia-December-2010-Kate-Moss-by-Nick-Knight-03 VOGUE-Italia-December-2010-Kate-Moss-by-Nick-Knight-02


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