Worlds Biggest H&M store opens in Las Vegas

14 Dec


H&M ‘s largest store in the world opened its doors at the Forum Shop, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas last Saturday(December 11).
Forget the flagship store in UK’s Regent Street because this store is sure to take your breathe away.

You must be wondering what makes it so unique, an H&M store is an H&M store after all.

You wont believe it until you see it, the store has lavish marble corridors, classical statues of Caesars to a 50-foot high atrium, spinning disco balls and mannequins hanging from the ceiling, a video screen on the back wall and a DJ perched on a platform 15 feet above your head.
People showed their excitement and had started lining up as early as 2 am before the opening. And why wouldn’t they. The first 1000 shoppers were to receive a voucher in the shape of a casino chip, which can be used to redeem $10 to $500 off their purchases. They also had a lot of other opening deals

If reports are to be believed they made a whopping sales of $300,000 on just the opening day.

Sounds like a museum store to me.

Definitely worth a visit


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