The New Dior Website Launch

14 Dec


Being a diehard Dior fan, I literally got goose bumps when I opened its recently launched website. I know it may sound a bit too much, but you need to step into my shoes to see how my heart pumps for Dior. It’s like my baby.

I proudly own a huge collection consisting of their Nude foundation, eyes shadow palettes, mascara, eye liners, lip liners, lipsticks, nail polish, my favorite blush and Glitter powder(I don’t think it’s available anymore). Oh to top that, I absolutely love their milky face cleansing lotion and the toner.

The black eye liner that own from Dior is the darkest liner compared to any other brands that I have tried until now.

Ok enough of my excitement.

Moving on, Dior has taken a giant leap in helping their consumers by adding much needed e-commerce and one-stop shop for all our Dior needs.

As soon as you enter the beauty section, the website plays its famous J’Adore ad featuring Charlize Theron.

After you get pass the ad, you can go ahead and shop from their enormous collection of makeup, fragrances and skincare.

The website is extremely user friendly added with highly interactive features that may compel you to come back again and again to shop more.

If you are a Dior fan like me then you will definitely enjoy the videos in the House of Dior section which gives you an in-depth on stuff like Dior history, in-dept story of the creator of colors for Dior, the Dior institute, the Dior innovation center , the story of the Man him self- Christian Dior and much more.

Other attractive features that I found interesting were Rouge Dior and Miss Dior Cherie.

Miss Dior Cherie is an interactive pop-up book. Here the Dior perfume creator, Francois Demachy explains the story behind his inspiration for Cherie range. It also gives details of the items under the Miss Dior Cherie range.

The Rouge Dior is dedicated to their lipstick collection. This feature is divided into red, pink and beige shades. Each lipstick is displayed next to the dress that inspired the shade. Since I am more of a pink fan, I loved MITZAH LILAC and STAR FUCHSIA.I preferred BEIGE INDECISE from the beige shades, but not as much as the pinks.

Check it out for yourself here and let me know what you think of their website.








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